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A Timeless Art

Over nine centuries ago, the Serenissima Republic of Venice decided to relocate the glassmaking industry to the island of Murano in order to prevent a possible fire on Venice where most of the buildings were made of wood. For this reason, glass factories were erected taking wind direction into consideration, positioning them so that smoke and heat would be blown away by the wind – even in case of fire. Especially in glassmaking, the distinction between craftsmanship and art is very subtle. As with any great masterpiece, it is not only a matter of manual and technical skills, but also of experience and artistic talent.

Our Master Glass Blowers

Nowadays, artistic Murano glass is a high quality product created by the few master glass-workers remaining on the island – the only ones capable of bringing both imposing sculptures and delicate blown glass objects to life.

To watch the masters work their magic, please book a visit of our furnaces.

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